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What is Envision?

Envision provides advice and support in the fields of planning, regeneration, and project management. We specialise in working with the public sector, particularly local authorities.

We are a network of independent consultants based in the North West. The network has a core team of experienced professionals, and when required we can draw on the help and support from a range of other associates. While we all operate as independent consultants, we also work together on major projects.

All of the team have considerable experience and a proven track record in a wide range of planning, regeneration, and management work and have held positions of responsibility in major organisations and on a host of successful projects.

We understand the needs and constraints of government authorities and agencies, especially at times of financial constraint and legislative change. We know about public sector issues and procedures and have no conflicts of interest.

We provide personal, dedicated and cost-effective ways to meet client requirements. Our approach is to work with, not just for, you, addressing your problems in a flexible way, including helping to develop your own staff to continue the work.

We have low overheads, so our rates are reasonable and provide value for money, especially when considering the extent and currency of our experience. What’s more, who you see is who you get! You will be served throughout by the same people i.e. those who will actually do the work.